New Online Pharmacy Program Makes Generic Viagra® Available to Residents for Only $0.87/Tablet for All Doses. (Limited to 18 Tablets Per Person, Per Month.)

Unlike every pharmacy selling Generic Viagra®, this program doesn’t charge you more if you want a higher dose. Also, you don’t have to worry about needing a prescription. They offer free prescriptions for everyone. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about your medical history, which takes less than 2 minutes.

(Washington, D.C.) Exciting news for men in : A new program has been announced that offers men in Generic Viagra for 93% less than the retail price in pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens. 100 mg tablets retail for $45 in CVS and $46 in Walgreens. This program offers the same 100 mg tablets for only $0.87!

As expected, residents are racing to sign up for the program. But don’t worry, I will explain how you can skip the wait and sign up online in 2 minutes.

The program is called Friday Plans, and they offer everyone a free prescription when one registers under this program. Because of the free prescription you don’t need health insurance or a previous prescription for Generic Viagra to sign up for this program. You don’t even need to talk to a doctor in most states.

All you need to do is answer a few questions about your medical history. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete the whole process.

A doctor will review your answers and approve your prescription, if appropriate. The medical consultation is free and you don’t have to talk to a doctor in most states. And 2-3 days later, your Generic Viagra will arrive at your door in discreet packaging.

To sum it up, Friday Plans gets you a prescription online for free in 2 minutes and delivers Generic Viagra right to your door in a couple of days.

And if you sign up today, you also get $10 off your first package.

We don't know how long this program will last given big pharma’s lobbying budget. We urge everyone to sign up while this program is still open. You can try this program for only $0.87 per tablet if you signup today with an extra $10 free credit. See if you qualify>>

The price of Generic Viagra under this program is capped at $1.99 per tablet, but with the extra $10 off you can get a 9 tablet package for just $7.91, or $0.87 per tablet! Even for 100mg!

The program is only limited to 18 tablets per month per person because of limited supplies.

Since a 100 mg tablet retails for $45 at CVS, you save $43 per tablet every time you get your tablets from Friday Plans.

Friday Plans, since its launch, has gone viral, first being shared by users on Facebook, then being featured on news sites like ABC and CBS.

So far, the comments and feedback for Generic Viagra have been outstanding, with thousands of American men having posted glowing 5 star reviews on WebMD.

“My wife was so happy with the results she woke me up 3 hours later and was able to go for another 30 minutes”, wrote one user.

“I had actually forgotten how hard I could get” wrote another.

One man summed up his feelings about making the switch to Generic Viagra by saying: “I only wish we hadn’t waited so long”.

So you really don’t want to miss your chance to take advantage of this program. We recommend everyone with ED sign up while it’s still being offered.

How to take advantage of this program and buy Generic Viagra® for $0.87 per tablet while it’s still available:

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Step 2: Go to Friday Plans and find out if you qualify! It takes less than two minutes

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